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How to make the most out of meal preparation service, Escondido

Many individuals and organizations in San Diego area, most especially those who are in the working class, find it challenging to prepare their own meal. With their busy daily schedules, they end up buying at fast food chain, at a restaurant, or at a convenience store. This, […]

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Best Cooking Classes in San Diego

So, you want to spend your free time on something worthwhile? One that eliminates boredom and allows you to learn something new and valuable? If you are into food, why not enroll in cooking classes in San Diego? With lots of training facilities that offer cooking courses […]

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San Diego cater chefs up a meal for SDG&E Palomar Energy Center

Chef Rosie of Bent On Cooking had the opportunity to give a food demo to the people at SDG&E Palomar Energy Center. The activity was in connection with their Health Day event. The said event was a great time for our very own Chef Rosie Bent to […]

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Finding the best event catering, San Diego

Event catering can be quite a challenge to any service providers. For one, the quantity of the meals to prepare is bigger most especially if the event gathering has a huge number of participants – let’s say a hundred individuals or more. For another, a bigger number […]

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Corporate lunch catering, San Diego

Corporate lunch catering can be quite a challenge. For one, the quantity of the meals to prepare is bigger most especially if the event gathering has a huge number of participants – let’s say a hundred individuals or more. A bigger number of participants also means more […]

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Best catering service, San Diego

What does it take to become a provider of the best catering service, San Diego? Now, that is the question that has to be asked and answered. While it is true that different people tend to have different standards on ‘best’, here at Bent On Cooking, we […]

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Hire a personal chef Rancho Santa Fe, CA

One of the challenges faced by people in the corporate world is preparing meals that are as healthy as possible. They often have to endure long working hours resulting to lots of trade-offs on a personal level, including the lack of time for quality meal preparation. They […]

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How to efficiently use the Internet to find the best catering service in San Diego

I would like emphasize, first and foremost, that we might have different views on what is best. Meaning, the one that I perceive as best might not be the best for you (or the other way around). So, let us begin this discussion with the premise that […]

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Quality meal preparation in San Diego

Are you planning for a corporate gathering or a simple get-together with your loved ones or friends in San Diego? Well, your event will not be complete without – you got it right – delectable foods! Preparing delightful menu can help in making your event a successful […]

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Hiring a personal chef in San Diego

Working professionals in Southern California are often faced with the challenge of juggling their schedules to the point that preparing meals become more difficult for them. In fact, many end up buying not-so-healthy meals at local fast foods. Some might say, that’s a reality and we can […]

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