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Meal Service in San Diego

So you are busy preparing for the upcoming event assigned to you and now you are having the usual dilemma – the food preparation. You are torn between getting it from a meal delivery service store or hiring a personal meal service provider. But before you even pick up the phone to get a meal service, see to it that you are calling for the right provider – the one that fits the occasion. A personal chef might be just what you need.

As opposed to a meal delivery, hiring a personal chef can be a good option as it has the following advantages:

  • Menu items are carefully planned out by a personal chef with you – that means you are having the kind of food based on your (or your participants’) preferences (meal delivery service providers have set menu items and substitutions usually are limited)
  • A personal chef can do the grocery shopping for you, rest assured that you are getting the freshest items/ingredients for cooking ( meal delivery stores usually do not provide information on where raw ingredients are coming from)
  • Foods are cooked right in your kitchen or any other place you think is more suitable for the event you are having. This means that you know how those delectable items are prepared. (as opposed to meal delivery where you likely have no time or way to know about the preparation)
  • Leave your kitchen clean after use – personal chefs, as professional as they are, see to it that they are leaving your kitchen clean after use, making your after-event chores more manageable.

Are personal chefs in San Diego, CA expensive?

That question is one of the most common we receive. Although the price varies, the answer is – not really. You will be surprised to know that the price of hiring a personal chef is less expensive than you would have thought. Here at Bent on Cooking for instance, our Chef Rosie serves clients at reasonable prices. If you are interested, you can send your inquiries by visiting the contact page.

Whether your upcoming event is a personal or corporate one, it is imperative that you are well prepared even before the big day. Carefully planning ahead of time is crucial and part of the preparation is making sure that all items are available for you to share with your participants.

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