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Personal Chef for your Home or Business

Personal Chef – More Affordable Than You Think

A personal chef is for everyone — valuing our own time is priceless.

There are many challenges of getting the family together for a healthy meal.

Some ways a personal chef can give you back time for the people, things and activities you love:

  • If special diets are a challenge leave that chore to us.
  • Want to lose some pounds and get back in that little black dress for the holidays? Let us count the calories and make delicious meals that make sense.
  • Fulfill your craving for those family meals and catching up, but with a personal chef you can avoid spending precious hours meal planning, shopping and cooking.
  • Maybe you have recipes that mom used to make and you have no idea where to get the ingredients, a food memory is a wonderful thing and your personal chef can make it perfectly.

A personal chef will meal plan, shop, do the prepping and cooking, and package your families meals while you do what you love.

Have you ever driven home, remembered you forgot all about dinner and then made a bad choice, an unhealthy choice and maybe even an expensive choice? That is not going to happen when you hire a chef to make dinner for you and your family. The meals are prepared for your family alone. They are palette specific and made with healthy ingredients, just the way your family wants and needs to stay healthy and happy.

You work hard, the service providers you hire — house cleaners, landscapers, etc., all add value to the quality of your life. A personal chef will give you the time and pleasure of eating at home once again, without any of the stress or pressures.

Food is so important. It’s the foundation of good health. Eating right can give you extra energy to get through the day, take on an extra projects at work, spend less time at the doctor and less money on supplements. We can’t buy health, but we can eat right and a personal or private chef can help you do that.

At Bent On Cooking we believe in whole foods, fresh from the farm, fresh caught fish, and we have the know how to make it just the way you and your family want. Try a personal chef today, it might be the most valuable decision you make.
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