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Beef Entrées

Beef Entrées

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Beef and Bacon Casserole
Sweet Potato Mash creates the foundation followed by the cauliflower mash, and ground beef and bacon are the high-lite flavor galore

Bacon Beef Stew
A slow cooked wonder, with carrots, onions, and fire-roasted tomatoes

Carne Asada
Flank or Skirt Steak are marinated with spices and red onions and citrus juice

Garlic and Thyme Rib Roast
A simple wonder that is best served to a crowd or for an event

Mongolian Beef over Cauliflower Rice
A flank Steak cooked in coconut aminos, honey, ginger, red peppers flakes served a top riced cauliflower

Rose-Mary Sun-Dried Tomatoes Meatballs with Tomato Sauce
Nothing beats the intense flavor of sun-dried tomatoes these burgers rock with a touch of jalapeno peppers and red onions. Smothered in tomato sauce baked to perfection

Filet with Pomegranate Reduction
Pomegranate juice blended with lemon juice and fresh oregano a touch of salt and pepper, simple and powerfully delicious any night

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Southwestern Chili
All -time favorite with any generation, plenty of spices and herbs with pinto and kidney beans slow cooked until thick and creamy

Picadillo Stuffed Peppers
These peppers are a Spanish wonder, ground beef nestled in a bell pepper flavored with oregano, cumin, cinnamon, and chili powder a few dark raisins and green olives for a sweet and sour taste with make your mouth water

Beef Goulash
Simple slow-cooked wonder tomato, onion, and seasoned with smoked paprika brings out the best in a simple ground beef cover the butter gluten free noodles for a wonderful week day meal

Swedish Meatballs
Nutmeg and Allspice spice up ground beef in this evening favorite, and replacing the sour cream with yogurt makes it extra yummy

This twist on a classic, mixes ground pork and beef gluten free noodles and sauce everyone will rave

Beef Stroganoff
Creamy and Comforting sirloin steak is slow cooked in a mushroom, onion and sherry
Once cooked adding a touch of sour cream make a perfect complement to a gluten free noodle

Orange Beef Stir-fry
A tender filet marinated in orange juice, soy sauce, vinegar and molasses blend added in broccoli, carrots, ginger and red pepper flakes

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Sliced Steak with Tomato and Spinach (224 calories)
Beef Tenderloin sliced thin and flavored with a sauce of Dijon mustard, and balsamic vinegar, on top of fresh spinach vine-ripened tomatoes and crumbled blue cheese

Roast Beef with Brussel Sprouts and Balsamic Jus (246 calories)
Beef Tenderloin steaks seasoned with just a touch of salt and pepper, sweet and tender Brussel sprouts topped with a agave nectar and sweet potato blend and finished with balsamic vinegar

Sautéed Steak with Mushrooms (206 calories)
Tenderloin steaks are the best and topped with a rich cremini mushroom, shallot and balsamic vinegar sauce and finished with chopped fresh parsley – what a treat!

Churrasco with Chimichurri Sauce (55 calories)
Sirloin marinated in a blend of cilantro, white vinegar, and herbs and spices make this Australian delight light and yeah you saw it right 55 calories.

Filet Mignon with Orange Peppercorn Sauce (208 calories)
Filets topped with a rich sauce of orange and peppercorn, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice sweetened with local honey and garlic for a slightly sweet and pungent taste treat

Spiced Pepper-crusted Filet Mignon with Asparagus (269 calories)
Crushed peppers crust this filet topped with a brandy sauce and fresh grilled asparagus
It’s a classic

Pepper Steak with Port Wine Mushroom (241 calories)
A fan favorite it’s been on my menus for 20 years and it always gets raves. A low calorie wonder with shitake mushrooms, port wine, shallots and balsamic vinegar a touch of tomato paste and Dijon mustard and rosemary for an earthy taste that pairs perfectly with the shitakes

Beef Entrées August 10, 2017
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