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Finding the best event catering, San Diego

Event catering can be quite a challenge to any service providers. For one, the quantity of the meals to prepare is bigger most especially if the event gathering has a huge number of participants – let’s say a hundred individuals or more. For another, a bigger number of participants also means more meal varieties to prepare – e.g. a particular group of participants might be vegetarian. And lastly, caterers need to make sure that the quality of meal is not compromised even when prepared in huge quantity. True, a business that is looking for a provider of event catering, San Diego should hire one that has been proven to deliver its promise.

If you are looking for an event caterer in San Diego, you might be interested to hire Bent On Cooking. Here are some compelling reasons why:

Run by industry-recognized chef. Bent On Cooking is owned and managed by one of the finest personal chefs in San Diego, Chef Rosie Bent, who has been providing top quality catering service for businesses of all sizes since 1998. Her industry experience has been proven to be useful in providing clients nothing but the best event catering, San Diego.

Delivers meals on time. Bent On Cooking recognizes the fact that even a little delay in the delivery of meal can potentially ruin an event gathering – be it a corporate, social, or even a religious gathering. So, the company makes it sure that meals prepared are delivered on time and in time of need, so to keep your event running smoothly.

Professional staff working. Bent On Cooking sends staff who are experienced and skilled to address all of your event catering needs. They are professional and trained to do what is necessary to deliver top quality catering service that the industry can offer.

Gives transparent pricing. At Bent On Cooking, we strive to always avoid even a little discrepancy in the bill. And if for some reason we overlook some items, we make the necessary correction immediately and then make note of the reason for any clarification that may arise from customers in the future. We address right away any queries on pricing. Clients, big and small businesses alike, all are not always keen at going through every detail of the bill; however, keen or not, we make sure that we are always transparent in pricing.

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