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San Diego cater chefs up a meal for SDG&E Palomar Energy Center

Chef Rosie of Bent On Cooking had the opportunity to give a food demo to the people at SDG&E Palomar Energy Center. The activity was in connection with their Health Day event.

The said event was a great time for our very own Chef Rosie Bent to showcase her expertise – her art of cooking. She’s an expert not just in preparing delectable menu items, but foods that are good for the health as well.

The demo focus was adding healthy and quick sauce creations to proteins, eating on site, as well as on how to stay healthy.

More than just having a good time, Chef Rosie Bent, delivered a food preparation / demonstration that was well-participated by their field crew, who were enthusiastic to engage with Chef Rosie Bent’s expertise. They asked her questions regarding diabetes, on keeping the heart healthy with good foods, as well as on weight loss, while enjoying simple raspberry – balsamic, Thai Chili, mustard cream, and spicy orange sauces she prepared for them.

It just took Chef Rosie about 10 minutes to prepare each of the sauces, for their delicious lunch.

It was a great day, indeed, for Chef Rosie and people at SDG&e Palomar Energy Center!

Personal Chef Service – The Bent On Cooking way!

Chef Rosie has been operating Bent On Cooking since 1998, but her combined industry experience runs more than three decades now. Her passion in cooking and teaching on how to prepare healthy and delicious foods have helped many individuals and institutions learn the art of cooking.

Aside from personal chef services, Chef Rosie and her team at Bent On Cooking also accept catering services for different occasions – be it a corporate event, social gathering, special day, among others.

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