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5 Reasons to Go Gluten-Free!

Gluten-free diets aren’t just for those with Celiac disease. Although eating whole wheat does offer some health benefits, the gluten can actually be harmful to humans.

  1. We find we had little to no nutritional value. Manufacturers actually help to enrich refined wheat. And even then that wheat is not that valuable, nutritionally speaking.
  2. Humans do not fully digest wheat. The undigested portions of me to begin to ferment. This produces gas, which can cause bloating and discomfort.
  3. Wheat can cause inflammation. Wheat is rapidly converted into sugar. This process causes a rise in the body’s insulin levels. Rapid rises in insulin levels causes a burst of inflammation at the cellular level. This inflammation can cause discomfort and pain in joints that become swollen.
  4. Wheat can cause leaky gut syndrome. This is a condition where toxins leak from your intestinal tract and gut into your bloodstream.
  5. Gluten is associated with autoimmune diseases. Studies show strong statistical association between gluten, Celiac disease and various autoimmune diseases.

In additions to the reasons above, there are other reasons to avoid gluten. It can be addictive, many people report getting unnatural cravings and there is some evidence of gluten having opiate like affects. There are also several other brain disorders that respond well to a gluten-free diet including schizophrenia, autism, and epilepsy.

Ultimately the only way to know if you should avoid gluten or not, is to remove it from your diet, then reintroduce it. If after 30 days with no cheating you eat a meal gluten and experienced any adverse effects, such as headaches, inflammation or excess gas or bloating, you probably have a wheat or gluten sensitivity.

The habit of eating gluten-free is perhaps one of the hardest to learn. Gluten is in absolutely everything, breads, pastas, prepared sauces, chips, prepared soups and so much more. It’s no wonder people suffer so long. Personal Chef Rosie Bent has spent years cooking for clients who have dietary needs. Healthy nutritional meals are only a phone call away. With delicious gluten free options like crab quiche, chicken fingers, lettuce wraps, clam or salmon chowder, beef burgundy, Caribbean pork tenderloin and cherry clafouti, who would miss gluten in their day to day diets? Personal chef service is affordable and only one call away! Still not convinced? Check out Rosie’s Gluten Free menu for more options.

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