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Bent on Cooking Meal Service by Chef Rosie Bent of Poway, CA

LambburgerGet your life back, and delegate your meals. We all have busy, hectic lives, and Bent On Cooking is here to help. Last week Chef Rosie cooked a client in Rancho Bernardo, and the client said we were her “food fairy”, the meals just appear. Her doctor put her on a special diet, and she was over-whelmed by the restrictions. Rosie has the experience to follow the doctor’s diet plan, keep the flavor and make the client happy. We love the challenge and know how important it is to the client’s health. As she gets better, we adjust to the diet changes with no effort. She is thrilled, and the meal service is the perfect answer.

Services are an important part of our lives these days, and having a meal service works wonders to ease the stress. Some clients love to cook, others just don’t. For both a service that they can count on, makes their busy lives easy. With evening meetings, lunch at their desks, kids soccer games there is little time left to get a healthy meal on the table. Delegating services are a way of life, add meal service today and find value in having the extra time to enjoy.

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