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Personal Chef versus Private Chef

What is the difference between a private chef and a personal chef?

It’s a question I get asked all the time.

Private Chefs

are employed by a family, typically they live on the property and travel with the family. They earn a salary and are responsible for meal budgets, meal planning, shopping each day, prep and service. A private chef is usually responsible for all of the families catered events. It’s a prestigious position within the household.

Personal Chefs

are self employed, working for many families. This is a meal replacement service. Meals are prepared in the clients home, packaged and marked for the refrigerator or the freezer. Meals are packaged as single 3 course meals or as family sized meals, depending on the family’s size and preference. Since we prepare meals for every budget and taste, Personal Chef’s are usually savvy in all special diets, diabetes, gluten free, Paleo, Sugar free, Dairy Free, and this list goes on. Personal Chef’s prepare meals each week, every two weeks or on a monthly basis.

As a Personal Chef, I have 16 years experience preparing meals and catered events for clients from every walk of life. Bent On Cooking is Raw “Ling on Live Food” certified. We believe in feeding our clients the freshest ingredients, local and sustainable in most cases. We are happy to cook organic if that is the clients wishes. We always say “our specialty is what you want to eat”, clients are first in meal selections. We do an extensive personal interview with the whole family, or just the head of household. We go over their goals, and what they would like to get out of such a service. Some clients choose they menu items from the extensive on line menu or they ask us to choose from the best of the best in the market and create meals that fit their lifestyle.

Some advantages of having your own Personal Chef, first and foremost is convenience. In today’s busy lifes, folks just don’t have the time to plan, shop, and prepare meals. The service provides them with time. A precious commodity in today’s world. Clients are finding that convenience foods, and fast food leave them sick and tired, too much sodium, too much sugar and processed foods with no nutritional value.

Imagine yourself driving home knowing there is a delicious meal waiting for you, when you want dinner on the table, light your oven to 325, pop the meal , package and all in the oven and in minutes you are eating a meal prepared just the way you ordered it. If sounds like just the thing to make your life healthier and happier, get in touch and we will set up an interview and go over the process.

We believe “every meal should be a feast” not just something wrapped in paper.

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